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    The DKE Club
    of Toronto
    December the 18th saw the launch of the DKE Club of Toronto
    to raise urgently needed funds for the proposed
    renovation of 157 St. George Street.
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    Friends From the
    Heart Forever
    Rush DKE - If you are interested in Rushing for Deke come by the house,
    or contact our Rush Chairman Iyad Tarik at rushdke2016@hotmail.com.
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Delta Kappa Epsilon

The goal of Delta Kappa Epsilon is to enrich the undergraduate's experience and prepare him for effective living, usefulness to his community, and his own personal development. We believe that financial and personal integrity, a healthy social life, a sense of obligation and responsibility, and a focus on academics are essential to the development of the well-rounded man. We encourage participation in fraternity and school activities, a sense of civic responsibility, a respect for the rights and opinions of others, and most importantly, the development of individual potential through leadership and contribution.